Dura-Line FuturePathTM consists of multiple variations of MicroDuct in specific sizes bound together with an oversheath for ease of placement. All of the MicroDucts have internal longitudinal ribbing (1) and a permanent super-slick lining of Silicore™ to reduce friction during cable placement.

FuturePath can be placed as a cable pathway which will allow the Network to grow as needed, while placing only the cable required for immediate needs. Using reduced diameter Fiber Optic Cable (MicroCable), FuturePath can accommodate up to 432 fibers in each MicroDuct, depending upon the configuration chosen and the Fiber Cable Manufacturer’s design.

FuturePath is available with ripcord access and can be ordered in a locatable version for direct bury applications. It can be pulled into existing conduit, plowed in, trenched, or Horizontally Directional Drilled (HDD) without the need for any special tools or equipment. FuturePath can be manufactured from OSP HDPE, or inside Riser, Plenum, or LSHF (Low Smoke, Halogen Free) materials.

(1) All MicroDuct 8mm OD and larger.