Dura-Line’s Armored FuturePath® is a configuration of MicroDucts not unlike the OSP HDPE version, but is designed for buried installations that are subject to ground movement, frost heave, or that may require protection from gophers or other rodents. Increased impact resistance plus the additional safeguard from incidental shovel damage is another advantage when using Armored FuturePath. The armored layer provides a superior level of crush resistance as well as supplemental defense against moisture, ballistics, and chemicals. It is constructed with a corrugated steel armor that is coated on both sides with a corrosion-resistant copolymer for corrosion resistance. It is then overlaid with an HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) jacket for superior protection in rugged environments. Armored FuturePath can be ordered with an integral locate wire for utility identification.

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FuturePath Armored

FuturePath Armored - Splicing and Bonding