Dura-Line's FuturePath® Figure-8 Aerial Self-Support is a configuration of MicroDucts not unlike the OSP HDPE version, but with an additional oversheath and ¼” Extra High Strength Steel flooded strand attached to the MicroDuct bundle. This allows the FuturePath to be placed between poles or to buildings without the need to lash it to a support messenger.

FuturePath Figure-8 can be installed in one action, avoiding the three-step process of placing the strand, pulling the conduit, and then lashing the bundle to the strand. The strong webbing, which attaches the FuturePath to the strand, can be easily separated by common duct slitting tools. The strand is then attached using industry-standard pole line hardware.

FuturePath Figure-8 aerial is avabile with 12.7mm OD x 10mm ID MicroDucts in either a 7-way or 4-way configuration.

A single drop is also available with either 12.7mm OD x 10mm ID MicroDucts or 10mm OD x 6mm ID.