Dura-Line’s PowerGuard is your guarantee of quality, produced to the exacting standards of CSA C22.2 for electrical use.

• PowerGuard HDPE conduit is produced with a minimum cell
classification of PE334430C or PE334430E prime virgin resin

• PowerGuard is suitable for use with both low voltage and high
voltage cables

• PowerGuard HDPE conduit can be installed everywhere CSA
certified PVC conduit can be installed

• Unlike PVC, PowerGuard HDPE conduit is extruded in continuous
lengths up to 10,000’ (diameter dependent) allowing for
installation by open trench, plowing, and horizontal/directional
drilling (PVC’s shorter lengths restrict installation to open trench
methods only)

• PowerGuard reels have the option of a 1250# pre-installed
pull tape eliminating the labour and costs associated with
cementing joints and couplings

• PowerGuard Premium comes standard with 1250# preinstalled
pull tape eliminating the need to blow in tape or
rope after installation

• Premium PowerGuard HDPE conduit is manufactured with
our patented SuperSILICORE™ permanently lubricated interior
lining and longitudinal inner ribs eliminating the need for
additional lubricants

• PowerGuard is also available with the cable pre-installed at the
manufacturer, Cable-in-Conduit (C.I.C.), eliminating the second
step of pulling in cables after installation


PDF Information: PowerGuard Brochure